This is not spam nor am I asking for any. I just want to know if this site really works or if it's a bunch of crap.
In school, they told me, "Practice makes perfect". Then they said, "Nobody's perfect", so I quit practicing.
Try it yourself
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you have to pay for it pretty funny though the commercial is playing on my tv as i type this

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I again second 0ri0nz0r's opinion.
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Give it a try, it's free. If your computer is so slow that it's bugging you, I'd look into some hardware upgrades.
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If you live in Australia, save your internet:

well my computer had windows 98 on it when it was bought. our ram's maxed out at 250mb and we have 37 gigs of disk space (max, not available) and a ****ty processor.
In school, they told me, "Practice makes perfect". Then they said, "Nobody's perfect", so I quit practicing.
as in most cases, this is bullcrap.

don't ever trust a program that'll make your pc faster.

if you want it to go faster do it manually!
(type tweak vista/xp in google and you should find a load of cmd prompts/regedits/... which can help you speed up your system, or if you fail, ruin it )

I use avg/spybot/sd-resident/winvista firewall and I don't get any spyware anymore (yeah, I still scan every week, nothing shows up tho).

use crapcleaner about once a day, defrag on a regular basis.

this will help you more then a superprogram, and with the right tweaks, you can speed up even a new pc (my laptop went from 3300->3766 3dmarks (06) after tweaking).

whatever you do, don't trust on it i'd say

edit: did some research, turns out to be a scam! type in "finallyfast.com + scam" in google and you'll find sh1tloads of complaints
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