i need a song for my fender acoustic to play thats ahalf step down.... not much picking please...
musical genres are anything, i mostly like piano though, but not classical... kinda like a mad world type thing, and yeah i already know how to play it
Ice cream man by Van Halen
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Alice in Chains....anything off of the Live MTV album. Get the dvd too. It's worth it.
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Anything from Iced Earth.
Dracula by them is pretty good as well as Watching over Me. Check some out.
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I only know of two in that tuning anyway:

'paper wings' by rise against
'Adam's song' by blink 182
are you playing half step down for a reason?(ie lower tension)
you can always capo at first fret or even just play any song and pretend your guitar isnt half a step down. i mean it will sound similar in that all the intervals/melody will be the same, it will just be in the key a half step lower.
Yeah, GNR tune their guitars a half step down on almost every song. Check out their version of Knocking on Heavens Doors. Its sweet.