Which of these amps is better for a heavy, Killswitch type tone?

If I get the GH50L I want to use a GT-10 in the 4 cable method with it to get cleans, whereas with the Vh100R ill use the clean from the amp. Is this sort of set-up better for getting the best of both worlds, as I have read that the distorion on the VH100R is bright, Would changing the tubes from EL34 to 6L6's help at all?

Also, how noisy are these amps, as the GH50L will have the boss noise gate from the gt-10, but i dont know what the VH100 is like for noise.

Any and all help is appreciated

VH is just the GH with a clean channel and reverb. Go for it if you have the money.
The amp is very noisy with the gain about 8.