good band.
does anyone know where i can get their mp3's? i can't find them on any torrent site or limewire.
Search on megadownload dot net
lp345: It's a virus
rage6945: i went on a little bit torrent spree and got Jay-z's black album
nebno6:Maybe it's god punishing you for having a bad music taste.
Or just buy it and actually support the band you like... Think about it... They're not getting anything from you if you do that, and it's definitely an ass move.
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This is true.
actually, my philosophy is: the bands get almost nothing fro malbum sales, but if you can have a wider range of albums by not paying and then you see a band that you discovered in concert, that's how you support them. bands get a lot more money from touring.
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A7x own!!!

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Entire EP on purevolume.com for Free
And yes, it is amazing!

yay, i got it.
I have to give them props for that instrumental thing in the song Intentions. Even if they have no way of pulling it off live. I've never heard that from a band like this and i thought it was hilarious (in a good way)
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as i said in the other thread...

botch > this

Well everyone knows that, but that wasnt really necessary.

No one compared botch and this band in this thread.
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Well everyone knows that, but that wasnt really necessary.

No one compared botch and this band in this thread.

i just did.
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I loved WCAR before they became famous from AP
Supporter since early demos right here.

They're still not that big. I saw them a couple months ago and there were only about 20-30 people there.
pure volume

theres like the dreams ep you can download :P
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Demon(s) is on Guitar Hero 5???????????

Sweet Zombie Jesus!
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Sweet Mexican Santa!

I have a reason to buy GH5 now...

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Jazz bass solo? YESSSSS.

I think its awesome they're giving away their EP for free. A lot of unsigned bands dont realize that not alot of people will buy their music. By giving it away, it spreads to people more
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They're probably gonna be a lot bigger now that they got a full page review in AP.

Ya I was suprised when I was going through the magazine and i see WE CAME AS ROMANS. I hope those guys become successful. They're one of the nicest bands ever.