There's this girl I flirt with and talk to a lot, but I'm not sure if she likes me. She always asks me who I like, but I don't know if that means she wants me to say her name. Does anyone have any experience and this and know a way to find out.
Ask her out you pussy.

No serious. That's an invitation if I ever saw one. Say, "hey, let's go catch a movie sometime", but specify a time. And specify just you two.

Also, relationship thread.
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ask her to ****

if she says no, then youll know
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Totally awesome, I love you.

Have my children.

Ask her out, you blithering girl. Worst thing that can happen is she says no.

Oh, wait.
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God, you've gotta be UG's only moron!

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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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Read the moron's posts, ironically enough he knows what he says.
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Just stick it in her pooper.

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