ok everyone. as some may have seen im about to begin a mandolin build.

my question today is about bending sides. i just invested a lot in tools and supplies i needed so i really cant be spending $200 on a bending iron like from stew-mac.
i've seen a couple differnet homemade bending irons(pipes) from searching but i wat to see if anyone here has any reccomendations.

has anyone made their own? what would you suggest?
i am on a budget. and being a mandolin its going to have som tighter bends than a guitar so should i use a slightly smaller pipe, but i would like to use it for a guitar sides in the future

just a thought... can you use a soldering iron in a vice?
Thank you please.
I recently made one. I used a 1 1/2" pipe and 2 bolts made for the 1 1/2'' pipe found with all the bolts and crap at home depot. I bolted the pipe onto a 2x6 with a piece of metal between the 2x6 and the pipe. I also capped off the end. Then I used a propane torch to heat it. I found that the 1 1/2" pipe was too small for the curves of a dreadnought. It cost $10. Hopefully you find bending easier than me though I am going to use either a bending method with a form and a steam box or a fox bender style bender with lightbulbs for heat.
Try looking in mimf's bending section in the library there's a lot of information there.
Fill the pipes with sand and cap them before heating and bending... it will avoid pinches in the pipe where you make the curve if that's a constraint.
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