This might not be the right forum so feel free to move it....but anyway...I'm playing at a friends birthday party which is being held in a small town pub....so it will have the regular locals in it aswell...so basically I'm the entertainment for the night....On my own...no microphone...just a guitar, amp a looper and some other effects.
Anybody know any good songs to play using a looper? I have a Digitech whammy which I use for adding a bass track to the loop aswell and I just mute the strings for a drum-ish sound.

thanks people
Wonderful tongiht - eric clapton
Every Breath you take - the policm -
While my guitar gently weeps -Beatles
Slow dancing in a burning rooom - john mayer
Oh wow, how are you supposed to play with no microphone? Usually all people listen to is the vocals in a song.
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