Yesterday I had a $3,000 Les Paul tried on both of these babies. Here's my input...

Marshall JVM
*Great Marshall clean, not Fenderish
*Crunch mode plays dirty cleans to light rock...not that useful
*OD1 mode is my fav, great classic rock-hard rock sound. Sounds very Slash to me idky. You can play Zeppelin, ACDC, Guns n Roses here (depends on gain level)
*OD2 mode has an even heavier sound. Great for classic Metallica and classic metal of the 80s. Also good for blistering solos.

*Two channels (clean and OD)
*Clean sounds VERY "Marshally"...almost identical to the JVM clean.
*OD channel sounds VERY Marshally again. *AMAZING* Classic rock/hard rock tone.

The AD was played thru a Marshall 1960 4x12 cab so u felt a lot of bottom end "oomph" to it.

Overall I loved both, BUT I pick the Orange AD amp because it had a softer attack. Don't get me wrong, that thing sounded pure bad ass and heavy, but in a classic rock way. I mean this amp has one of the all time best overdrives I've ever heard. Playing basic famous songs like Black Dog, Back in Black, and Welcome to the Jungle sound amazing through this amp. Its the warmest heavy sound I've heard so far. I was extremely impressed with this amp.

I urge u guys to try one out at ur local guitar shop. Orange is definitely the most Marshall sounding amp on the market, in fact I liked it more than the JVM for its classic rock/hard rock settings.

If I had to rate em....10 mean perfect and I believe every amp can always have some improvement.

Marshall JVM
Clean - 9
Rock - 9.5
Metal - 9

Orange AD
Clean - 9 (sound exactly alike JVM)
Rock - 9.75 (yes, a bit higher than JVM)
Metal - 8 (not that high gain at all)

Thanks! Jus felt like tellin u guys my experience
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First off, wrong section. This is the beginner & basics section. Try the amps & effects section.

Secondly, don't base amps on how "Marshall" they sound. While the JVM is one of the best amps on the market, there are other amps with other sounds. It's not like Marshall is the center-of-all, reigning king of amps. THey both have "British" tone, both are high-power tube amps with a great OD channel, which is why they sound similar.

While the Orange may be a bit warmer, the JVM is the more versatile of the two.
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