I've noticed a few small dents on the top of my guitar on the lower bout (I believe that's the term), just under where I rest my right arm while playing.

There's no way that this could be a result of resting my arm there, could it? That's my only concern. I'm a skinny guy and I know I'm not exerting a great deal of pressure onto the top, but most of it would be transferred into the side anyway.
No, contiued pressure on the top of your guitar cant cause dents. Usually it cant even cause any kind of deformations. They're probably from accidentally banging your guitar up against a solid surface and not noticing it... Happens to the best of us
you'd think with as much time as i spend playing guitar, i'd be so adept to it that it would be like an extension of my body, and i wouldn't keep accidentally banging it on doors and cabinets and stuff when walking around. but nope.
Do any of your clothes or jackets have hard parts around the sleeve? Do you wear a watch on your right hand?

Iunno, that's all I can think of.
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