I have a blues Jr. and I gig with it quite often at bars...I like the sound a lot but it doesnt project great because of its size...I dont ever play super cleans so its perfect for that (i go for the live chili peppers type light breakup)
With that said, I might be able to trade it for a Hot Rod Deville plus a hundred or so...my other idea was to just get a cab to hook it up to to have it project better (then i can use that cab in a few years when I get a high quality head)
I'm leaning towards the cab right now, because I think it may solve my projection issues and allow me to hear myself better
Any good of an idea?
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is it that it isnt enough volume, or it isnt projecting. i think the 15 watt would be enough if it is cranked. i think the cab is a good idea, as with the hot rod you wont be able to achieve that break up without playing much louder
Both are good options, tough call. I'm gonna say cabinet although I have never played a bjr through an extension cab. It should project more and considering the cab would cost about what you would spend on top of your amp for the Deville... Plus like you said, you could use the cab later when you get a head.
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I have a Hot Rod Deville and it is loud. Too loud in many cases. I use a volume knob in the effects loop to lower the volume going into the power amp so I can cook the tubes without cooking my ears. It was very simple to build - just a box with a volume knob, a pot and two 1/4 inch inputs.

Overall, The HR Deville has a great clean tone and the drive channels are pretty good for blues, hard rock and less extreme metal.

At some point I may get a power soak for it but it's hard to pay $500+ for something that lowers your output. I just can't make myself do that.
i dont think the blues jr. has an external speaker output
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Thanks...you have to disconnect the internal speaker and plug the cab into that...and the blues Jr. has plenty of volume, cause I dont play super cleans, just wanted more projection...so I think I'll go with the cab since its an investment that can be used later on
are there any low priced cabs to really stay away from aside from Ug's legendary hatred of the low end Marshall cabs?
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
Is it possible to run it through a pa? Ive got no experience with this but Im just curious cause come christmas Ill be a blues jr owner, and who knows I might be gigging not to far down the road.
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I think you can only mic it, only reason why i wouldnt get a cab....but the cab would help me hear myself better too
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"