Just that. What is your favorite "easy" song to for fun? I play Earth Angel on my acoustic when I am bored. It's a simple yet fun chord progression, especially if you add your own little twist to it.
Probably Hallelujah or Jamey Johnson's In Colour
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Since I'm from Austria, I play a lot of, as we used to call it, AustroPop.
It's always easy, just chords, and really easy chords, but the lyrics are fun so it's good to relax.
Wolfgang Ambros is maybe the most famous artist in austropop.
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Probably Hallelujah or Jamey Johnson's In Colour

I actually just heard In Colour the other day and I love it. I looked and it does seem pretty easy to play. Haven't even attempted it yet though as I've been so busy.
i dunno,i tend to play the verse riffs from readymade by rhcp a lot theses days
that and the hand clapping song by the meters
easy acoustic - lynyrd skynyrd - all i can do is write about it

easy electric, anything ac/dc
I forgot one I like to play fingerpicking arpeggio. House of the Rising sun. Same thing as above. Poeple love it but it really isn't difficult.
Mosquito Song by Queens of the Stone Age, just sounds so cool and slightly impressive
'Time of your life' from green day, its nice to just sit there and strum chords sometimes.
I love to play if it means a lot to you by a day to remember, it is such a nice song coming from a scremo band
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Most of the stuff I play is considered easy. Iron & Wine
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Tangle up in Blue - Bob Dylan

Phish - sample in a jar - Once you learn the opening chord sequence its quite easy. I just skip the solo
Try Roundabout by Yes. It's pretty easy...
Hahahahahahaha Jkjkjkjkjk (The intro is actually really simple)

Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd
Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton (fairly easy once you get the rhythm)
Traffic in the Sky by Jack Johnson
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Wish You were here-Pink Floyd

They get good responses but a chimp could play them!

ya I was thinking Wonderwall & Live Forever. Even though you don't move your ring and pinky fingers in Woderwall I think Live Forever is easier because it's just three finger G-D-Am-C-D-G which are pretty much what everyone learns first.
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your heart is an empty room by death cab

together by the raconteurs

rocky raccoon by the beatles

I love all of the chord progressions
Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?

favorite easy song is It could have been - ulli boegershausen. fun little fingerpicking piece
Rape Me - Nirvana and Time of Your Life - Green Day. Both just a few chords and fun to sing and play when you're just sitting around. People always seem to respond to these songs too even though they're so simple.
Hmm... there are plenty of "mess-around" songs that I play.

Jesus Ranch - Tenacious D
Anything by Frusciante
Anything by Chris Garneau

The list goes on. Sometimes it's just fun to bugger around with random chord progressions and make up some funky fingerpicking rhythms.
If we're talking super-easy cliched stuff everybody and his brother can play, I'll say Green Day's acoustic songs are pretty fun.
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