Nice to see you back on here man, and i see you're still experimenting.
Right, to business, and well, a lot of clashing notes make this piece very effective, if i was a child, i'd be a bit scared of that lol.
Bars 12-26 have those wah chords, they sound very Kirk Hammett esque, and the small solo, as always from you, is very good. The Bass is excellent.
As a concept, this is really good, however, i think a little more experimenting and work on this is needed, maybe a slight tone down on those clashing chords, particularly bar 11 is very dissonant. But still as i said, its a good concept.
that was amazing mate! organized chaos! I LOVE IT!

did get a tad repetitive but over all it worked.

who was your influence?
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Intro sounds very chilling, and leads into riff very well.

That riff is ****ing awesome, very very chaotic, it sounds insane.

The bass complimented the 7/8 riff very well, and sticks to the confused, chaotic theme.

The recap back to the 4/4 riff works very well.

The 16/8 riff sounded a bit jumbled and actually reminded me a lot of Buffalo by Stump, but don't worry, it was much better than that :p

The next part was a very nice break, and added to the intensity of the song very well.

The solo was crazy, again it sounded very dramatic, and scary, fitted in nicely.

Going back to the intro for the outro worked wonderfully, as it helped prevent the main riff from losing it's feel.

Overall awesome work, would love to hear a recording of this. 8.5/10.
hey man thanks for taking a look at "dark metal"

your intro is sorta creepy but it would better if it didnt fade in.

the riff on 11 (aside from the drums) reminded me of gojira alot

riff in 7/8 is pretty darn evil, i think you should turn the second guitar into a breakdown though.'

the riff on 30 was sorta cool but the drums really stand out alot. maybe stick a 3rd gat behind with some chunky chords

the riff at 53, i dont really know what to think about it. its completly original.

not too sure about that solo. i dont really like it to be honest. its not based on anything.

all in all its pretty cool but maybe afew touches could be done on your arrangment
it sounds horrible for me.I dont know maybe i don't understand this metal style
Thx for the crits guys! And to answer your question marskell, my main influence is gorguts. They got me into the whole avant garde metal thing. Ever since i started listening to them i've been trying to write similar stuff but it's obvious that i'll never reach their level of genius... What i basically try to do is to write simple songs (in a way, structure wise) that create some sort of dark atmosphere. I also try to stay away from powerchords as much as possible
It's a bit too dissonant for my taste, but like someone said, organized chaos, and it really gives a dark feel, and I would probably **** my pants if that came on my iPoo while I was trying to sleep or something.
You shall listen to Kamelot.
54-77 was my favourite part, it was well placed, and helped re-intensify the themes.

Not really my kind of music, but it sure does make you feel like smashing your head through a window. The discordant bass line is really cool, and you've worked the drums well in 7/8.
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I liked the feel you were going for, the whole creepy, dissonant thing, and for the most part, it was good. The only thing I don't like is that it got a bit too much, and a bit too repetitive. I feel the piece has all this tension built up throughout it, which just never resolves. I understand that you're trying to have this as creepy as possible, but I think even if a very short one, a resolution somewhere is needed.
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^ that's my intention . The lyric that goes with this song is about a man who slowly slides into insanity, so a constant feel of unease was exactly what i was going for!
Very chaotic song (yes that's a compliment), the whole song has a very haunting feel
I didn't hear anything out of place, but I'm not that well-versed in this kind of metal