Hey everyone.

So i have had an Epiphone G400 in the "worn cherry" finish (which basically means that they didn't put the final gloss coat on it so it's a matte finish) for about a year now and there's now this little patch on it where my right hand usually sits, that has now become glossy because of the sleeve of my jacket/sweater or whatever rubbing on it.

I doesn't come through very well in this picture but i couldn't get a better shot.


Anyway i was wondering if there's some kind of some kind of spray or polish that i can use on the guitar to get the same effect on the whole body of the guitar.
gloss nitrocellulose clear coat. it comes in spray cans for like $4 each. youll need 2 cans to do a good job. youll also need sandpaper for wetsanding...spray three coats, sand with very high grit (500, then 700-ish, then 1000, then the highest u can find), spray 3 more coats, etc...

oh and remove all hardware, pickups, knobs, and tape the neck/fretboard before u do this!!!!!
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