So I'm actually just looking at wah pedals, don't think I'm getting one any time soon since I'm saving for a new amp at this moment. As I was looking, I found this wah pedal by fender that has fuzz in it.

For those who don't know how this would operate, it has 2 buttons, 1 fuzz, 1 wah. If using them seperately, it operates like a normal wah pedal would, pull back if on fuzz for less fuzz, forward for more same with wah. If you put them both on, up and down is the wah, then you can twist it from left to right to add or take away fuzz.

I was searching for reviews from people who tried it instead of people on youtube who just play it clean. I want to hear all aspects of this wah.

Anyone here tested it yet?
No i want one but i've never got to test it....can't find one near me....they look awesome
I'm reading the reviews on Harmoney Central.

Obviously people find the fuzz amazing but the wah isn't up to par. Think there might be a way to mod the wah part to make it better? Maybe more like a Vox? (Always liked the sound of a vox wah.)
I tried one, and I wasn't blown away. It doesn't really do fuzz or wah well IMO.
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Any reasons why? I heard a few tests of it on youtube and it sounded fine, but alot of reviews are back and forth. Some people say its good others say its not that good.