... to improvisation to where you aren't re-doing what has already been done before?

This is something I think about a lot while i'm playing and It sort of puts a wall in the way of my creativity. I've never taken lessons, all self taught over the last 14 years or so. (and im not a Vai-like shredder at all by any means) But I am highly musically inclined and have a great ear. But like I sit and play something and it starts sounding like something Trent Reznor did already. Or i'll be playing something and it sounds like a lick that Kirk Hammett did in And Justice for All. (granted he was my main influence growing up) So I get pissed off because nothing I do really sounds original. Yet when I do make up something of my own it sounds like total junk or I use the same scale for everything I try to solo over. For instance a D or C blues-like scale.

Maybe I've just listened to too much music over the years and I have all these tunes, riffs and solos in my head and i'm associating some things I play because it may have the same notes in it?
i feel the same way when i improvise
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Try different scales, don't use box shapes, try different/odd combinations of notes, and try not to constantly attack the solo with new notes, but let some silence ring through as well. Also, know how long you're improvising for (roughly) and get memorable idea's in there and repeat them, maybe moving them up the neck. Just some food for thought there.
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try finding backing tracks of weird styles of music so that your not in your comfort zone

that will make you try different things
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... to improvisation to where you aren't re-doing what has already been done before?


How do you "practice improvisation"? By improvising? I think that's what a lot of
people do. At least that's what is advised a lot to the question of "how do I get
better at improvising?".

But, that's only practicing an ASPECT of improvising. What will happen is you'll just
be running through the same set of things over and over.

If you spend some practice time SPECIFICALLY practicing things you wouldn't normally
use, you might be surprised at what new things will turn up in your playing. There's
really an infinite supply of ideas out there.
theres an old adage that works here :

if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.
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