Okay guys ive been getting into buckethead recently quite badly and i love the song buckethead land but there is just one part in it im struggling to grasp he does a really fast hammer on pull off going down the scale

(excuse my terms if they are wrong im still pretty new to this and musical terms)

its a very speedy move im wondering what advice you guys would be able to give me on it and how i can practice to increase my speed


thats the part im stuck on sorry if its out of line
how should i practice this so its clear and accurate, im quite happy i can move my fingers that fast im just not hitting anything and making any clear noises

please help UG

thanks =D

P.S Merry Christmas !
practice it slowly - there's no point being able to move your fingers "fast" if they're not hitting the right notes and your two hands aren't in time with each other.
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something that helped me was i would play the first triplet all the way down, insted of changing the notes
yeah the best thing to do is play it at a speed which is comfortable and gives you the right sound and just keep practising until you get to the speed of the song. accuracy and coordination are just things that come with lots of trying again and again so thats what you have to do until it sounds right

oh yeah...........buckethead rules!!!!
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How fast is it supposed to be played? Over how many seconds?
It's sixteenth note triplets at something like 120...
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