Anyone else seen this DVD? It showcases Sigur Ros's homecoming tour in Iceland.

I think it's been out for about a year, but it's pretty remarkable stuff.
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My friend lent it to me a while ago, i still have it, its sitting beside me but i have yet to watch it. I dont know sigur ros' music at all. Are they post rock?
yeah i wanted to get this last year but i still havent got around to it. i think i asked my girl for it for last xmas but she couldnt find it or it was expensive or something.
I almost bought it for a friend for christmas. I ended up choosing between Heima and mogwai's young team, and I got her young team. Good job too, she got heima from her parents.

I might still get a copy for myself at some point though.
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It just got me so obsessed with traveling to Iceland, that country is beautiful! also, seems as if everyone are born beautiful with blonde hair over there.

I agree with the guy that said that the footage is equivalent with their music.
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Just finished watching DVD2, thoroughly enjoyed it. The little audio commentary right at the end explaining the locations was a nice added touch too.

Think I'll be visiting Iceland with my family next year sometime hopefully.