Anyone heard or like this band?

songs like Nobody's Fool, Nothin' For Nothin', Somebody Save Me?
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Everyone knows Cinderella.

Nobody likes them, though.

does every body here bash Hair Metal then?
Quote by Empathica1928
Everyone knows Cinderella.

Nobody likes them, though.

What are you talking about? A lot of people like Cinderella. They're one of the best hair bands of the 80's!
Very cool band.

Tom Keifer is a great singer.
Eric Brittingham had the tallest mullet of the day.
so.. There are Cinderella fans lol, i thought i was the only one...

Whats songs do you guys like and think are the best
what are you like 14
This is the 80's metal thread right?
Cinderella was a big band in the 80's
Cinderella got me into hair metal

well them and great white but i consider them more of a hard rock band of the 80s
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Hellyeah they are great. I saw 'em live in 2006 with Poison and they were awesome. Im only 16 so I never saw 'em back in the day but they seemed to never lost a beat or they were evrn better back then. They were supposed to tour again by themselves at like ampitheaters but Tom hurt his voice. My favorite tracks are...''Push,Push'', ''Fallin' Apart At The Seams'', ''Back Home Again'', ''The More Things Change'', ''Long Cold Winter'',ect.
Yeah they're awesome. I have their first album Night Songs and it's f*cking awesome.
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Dude cinderella kicks so much ass! the thing with them is that even though alot of their early stuff was SO standard hair metal(which i love) they have alot of really cool sounding bluesy stuff thats strays from the mainstream hair metal, but it still kicks so much ass. Cinderella HELL YEAH!
Hell yeh. cinderella are cool. still remember going out dressed like the guys on the cover of night songs. what days they were!
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Cinderella are awesomeness. Especially "If you dont like it". Also I made a group quite awhile back, if you want to join just look on my profile.
Obviously Fassa.
Have their first album and it's awesome. One of the best bands of the '80s. I coukd play Nobody's Fool on my guitar (still working on the solo) and it's a fun song to play. Why does everyone on here bash hair metal on here?
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Cinderella are one of the many bands that I downloaded a couple of songs from. I listened to those songs about ten times over two weeks, and never played them again. Just that kind of band, imo.