i hear they are really good or bad... why is this

P.S. im aware that this is prolly in the wrong forum.

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cause licenced ones can suck big time. original floyd roses are made of quality components and stay in tune even when abused, but many licenced ones (edge III from ibanez) are just bitches to tune.
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Depends what you get but with every one of them there is a learning curve involved, they can be really tricky if you dont know what your doing.
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i dont see why so many people are afraid of them. as long as you get an original you'll be fine, it does take a little time to get used to, but if you do a little research its not bad. i had mine figured out the first week i had it and the the advantages of them far outweigh the disadvantages and it does open up a lot of possibilities in your playing.
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I think its just some people dont want to learn how to work it properly or deal with the added work that it takes to maintain one.
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If your not familiar with them and are relativley new to guitar, id avoid them

Not as easy to restring, but the big thing for me is, if you want to drop tune on the fly, you'd have to bust out the allen wrenches / screw driver to drop the floyd.

once the floyd rose is setup in standard tuning, your most likely gonna leave it that way

lot of hard rock stuff requires different tuning, drop d, drop c
well it depends
they are a pain in the ass if you want to switch tunings
and changing strings and just tuning them can be a hassle
but than theres the fact that there are good one like OFRs and schaller FRs
and there are crappy ones like edge IIIs
Quote by devit

best answer rofl.

Fun to play around with
Good tuning stability
more things you can do musically ie dives, dime squeals
on some guitars, they look better

A bitch to tune and set up.
Less sustain because you gotta take a massve chunk out of the guitar to install it
Looks again i guess..
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