The effects in this thing are pretty good, you have to admit. But the only downside is that if you want to suddenly flick on the tremolo/whatever, you have to go to the amp and twist the knob to exactly where you want while playing.

So, basically, the most obvious solution is this:

Would it be possible to rip out the guts of the effects, put 'em in a pedal with a 3DPT switch and some jacks to make a little stompbox, and just solder up the inside of the amp?

And the next question, how easy would it be? I've had a little experience with soldering, wires, componants, ordering sht, and working, but I'm no expert.
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Get a footswitch! Or............it doesn't really matter anyway its just a practice amp.

You don't quite get the point. I essentially have the necessary things in my amp for a footswitch(es) containing potentially 6 effects.

And if I put these effects into a pedal, then It can be universally used in front of any amp.
No you don't, the effects on the Microcube won't be individual circuits - it'll just be one processor.
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no. and the effects in the cube are s*** compared to dedicated pedals.

thats part of the reason for the smilies next to it in my sig.
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