I have a couple of guitar pro tabs I'd like to upload. I've already tried a twice but it seems it didn't work.
Does this mean they have been rejected? Should I try them again?
You can check out the "status" of your tabs in your profile:

You can see if your tabs are "Pending approval" (W), "Accepted" (A) or "Denied" (D).

It shouldn't take too long normally, but it's very busy on UG right now with the holidays and all, so it could take a little longer.

It depends on how popular the song is how many people willvotefor it.
I've had "The war is over" by Morning Glory on the waiting list since thursday since they aint too popular a band, novotes as yet, ya just gotta sit it out.
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You hafta wait for it to get approved. Geez............................

And you have to be helpful to new users asking questions in this forum.