i just like bought a wireless guitar system from this website,

is it a real site and will i get my stuff lol

cause like;

i dunno

has anyone bought from this site before?

the website is http://www.lifeismusic.co.uk/


sorry if this is in wrong place..
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Probably the wrong time since you already bought it.

yeah lol,

im asking in case i should cancel it.
there's actually a website to check the legitness of other websites *said website is legit don't worry* I'll see if i can't find it for you.
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yeah lol,

im asking in case i should cancel it.
If it wasn't legit do you think they'd let people cancel their orders?
looks pretty legit to me
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Yeah it's fine, but they gave me a wireless microphone...

So i just bought the lead.
I just looked at the site, it's definitely legit, but they have a crappy selection of guitars.
theey may have poor selection but they have the Ibanez GRG170DXL, why must it be so hard to get left handed guitars