Been offered a 1973 Gibson SG really cheap but wanna know what its worth,

Its all original accept someone routed the bridge pickup to accept a full sized H/B instead of the mini humbuckers it came with. Its got loads of dings and scratches but is really nice.

Any ideas?

I dont have any pics though. . . . .
Don't know if it helps, but I bought my '74 Les Paul custom (in mint condition, all original hardware, just one scratch on the neck) for 2,500 euros (which was relatively cheap, I've been told).

Where did you find this guitar you're talking about? I think that, seeing as it doesn't have its original hardware, it shouldn't be too expensive, much less so, if it isn't in mint condition, or something close to that...

It would also help to know the price you're being offered.
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2500 Euros for a '74 Les Paul is fairly cheap?

I used to see those around used stores for about $2000 all the time.
Depending on the actual guitar I would say any where between $1800.00 and $2500.00 I myself think that is high because I bought an older SG "71" with HSC in the spring for only $650 in mint condition Resold it three weeks later for 1200 I was asking 1500.

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1973 Gibson SG: Priceless!