I've got a meeting with a recruiter today. I'm seriously thinking of joining, I was wondering if anyone here knows anyone in the National Guard or is/was in it themselves.

Thanks guys.
I know a BUNCH of guys in the guard, what do you want to know?
My God, it's full of stars!
Well do they enjoy it? What exactly is it that they do and does it pay well? Whats life in the Guard like?
Life in the National Guard is basically like civilian life... you go to Basic Combat Training, then your AIT (or just OSUT depending on your MOS), then head back home and you're stationed at Ft. Living Room. You go to "drill" once a month, and that's about it. You can still get deployed, and you in fact have no less of a chance of getting deployed as National Guard when compared to Active Duty.

The guys I know are all infantry and the pay is the same as active duty and reserve pay.
My God, it's full of stars!
My friend and I used to chill at a national guard place in the mall. Good times, good times. They had basketball AND a ****ing xbox!
Air force is better
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My brother's in it. His unit got sent to Iraq, but he couldn't go because he ****ed his shoulder up badly. So he does drill once a month (which isn't that much trouble). It's not bad.