I need some advice from people on the best sort of stereo setup for my car.

The thing is, I don't listen to dance or hip hop, so I don't really want to go for the generic overloud sub with nasty electric snare set up tweeters.

I listen to metal and shred, so I want something that gives great guitar sound, but also good enough bass to make manowar double kick sound like a charging army.

My budget is about £100-150. I know electronics to 1st year degree standard so you don't need to dumb it down I'll fit it all myself and I know guitar/bass amps well. I just need an explanation of a good set up that people find works for them.

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I would go with a Sony xPlod setup...

Xplod or JVC head unit here

Xplod 6x9 rear speakers (give you bass without over doing it) here

xplod 6.5's up front for treble. Here

I'm too lazy to figure out your budget in USD... But it shouldn't be too expensive...

Right now, I have a sony head unit, four 6.5's throughout my car with a 60 watt sub in the trunk and it's a great setup for metal... And I'm about to put a 1200 watt 12 inch Xplod sub in the trunk (with a 1000 watt amp to power it)

So basically, just shop around a bit... You don't really need a sub... 6x9's honestly give out enough lowrange, and as the other guy said, if you have mid/high range up front, you're good to go.
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Set of front component speakers for the two doors,
hooked to an external amp feeding off the head unit,
12" Sub from a second external amplifier
Thats the very basics for you.
If you want a sub, get a 10" for metal. You would need a new head unit and 4 speakers most likely which could be under £150 but you wouldn't get a sub as well for that. It is best to get decent front component speakers, which have a mid range speaker and small tweeter speaker. Go look on the talk audio forums, they helped me when I pimped my audio.
Sounds like I just need a 10-12inch sub, and a few more speakers. I'd probably get an amp with this. I already have a head unit, I can't remember what make it is or if it is really any good, but it has a cd player so I'm sure it will do.

Am I best doing it myself looking for internet deals or going to a shop to see what they can put together for me?
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you don't need MORE speakers you need to replace the stock ones.
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you don't need MORE speakers you need to replace the stock ones.

Well I just had another think about that. The bar tweeters seem alright, not too tinny or crackly and the door speakers get about as loud as I'd want them without any distortion. Would it be worth just getting a 10" sub box on its own? They seem fairly cheap, could I just plug it straight in somewhere? The same applies if I just got some 6x9 bass/mid, do I need an amp for them?
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Just had another look at my current setup, (only had the car a few days) and it has a fairly good blaupunkt (sp?) head with cd player, bass boost etc, and it all sounds alright, would it be worth then just getting a small sub with no amp?
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You need an amp to drive the sub. Unless you get a bazooka tube.
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