Currently debating over two guitar choices. Went down Denmark Street today in London and couldn't find either to have a play with, so I need a little ffeedback on what would be the most logical choice!

I have long desired one of these -

But the nicest guitar I have ever played was a Telecaster, so I am drawn to one of these too -

Currently, I play one of these -

On one of these -

I enjoy playing a lot of bluesy rock like GnR and Zeppelin as well as spacey rock like Pumpkins, Verve, Floyd - not really any metal. I prefer the look of the Gretsch, but wonder if it can compete with the Telecaster for sheer playability... any feedback?

Also, I know the amp isn't the best, but anything bigger is not practical in my current living situation.

love those '72 teles but i much prefer the double bucker version. unless you're after a different sound, already having a double bucker guitar.
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try to find a japanese-made version of that tele.
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I have the same exact tele. Get the tele it is an awesome guitar. The neck kicks ass, and it sounds perfect.
Tele FTW! I would have gotten one if there had been any readily available for a good price when I found my Schecter.
The tele is extremely playable, very comfortable, and it gives some great tone. The only thing it's lacks is that heavier rock/metal tone. Which, from what you say you play, it doesn't sound like you'll need.

Tele fo sho.
Oh wow, one of the hardest choices I've ever seen. I've played and absolutely love both of those guitars... But I'm going to say get the Tele, but find the one with two humbuckers.
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^ same here I've played both and both guitars are great! It's up to you man
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Ahh the tele is sick, I'd go with it hands down
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I've never played the Gretsch so I can't really give you any advice
But a tele is really nice