I have a Seymour Duncan at the bridge and a Dimarzio at the neck in my washburn, both installed the same way but the Dimarzio seems to have movement side to side and if I move to quick you can hear it "clunk" against the pickup cavity. How should I fix this?
Remount the pickup using heavier springs or double up the springs.
That should keep it in one place.
Quote by MT in Austin
Remount the pickup using heavier springs or double up the springs.
That should keep it in one place.

That makes a whole lot more sense that just jamming a sound absorbing "shim" in.

I put the springs that came with the PU in and they were like three times as long, I shall see if that did the trick.

I had a shop install this pickup because I didn't want to have to deal with the Washburn VCC tone controls. And the shop had a good price and I needed a set up. So far I have run into these problems:

Neck pickup ring was on backward
bridge pickup ring was cracked because he torqued the screws down too much
The screws for the neck and bridge pickup rings were swapped around (two different lengths)
The neck pickup height was so high that the strings hit the PU on higher notes
The neck VCC control doesn't work right, it is supposed to blend into a single coil as it gets turned down but it goes from humbucker, single to humbucker now
He used masking tape instead of electrical tape.

So I figure I am just going to get rid of VCC for normal tone controls and redo EVERYTHING he did
WOAH......... what was the name of that store so that i never ever step within a mile of it ?
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Euro, it really seems like they messed up in epic proportion. Talk to the shop and explain the situation in a kind manner. They should fix this. If you don't ever want them to see the guitar again, and I wouldn't blame you if that is the case - remount it with sturdier components. Some of my humbuckers move a little side to side, that's normal. But a "knock"? No, not so normal. Good luck and sorry to hear it's messed up.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I redid everything except rewireing the pickups. I'm going to order some new pots from RSGuitarWorks and wire it like a Les Paul after I finish my Strat. I don't go to that shop at all anymore
I don't blame you. Not one bit. I just thought I would throw it out there.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Ok, it gets better. I was tired of dealing with paypal so buying a cab on ebay was out. I went to all the local stores and found no good used deals, nor could I find a Blackheart cab, even though they say they carry them online. One shop didn't even know they were a retailer for Blackheart. So I go to this shop again and drop $160 on a Blackheart cab, and I started to think that the place isn't that bad and such.

Then the other day I found a book I forgot I had, that shows how to setup properly and this guitar definitely wasn't. If it was done by the book, there would be no issues. But at least I can do it myself now.

So I just gutted the guitar to put upgraded pots, toggle and jack in and the guy that installed the pickup said before he just "did a tape job" because the VCC is a rats nest and the other pickup was the same way. So, I undo his masking tape mess, then I take the electrical tape off the bridge pickup to find the other shop DID solder, and he just made that up...