So I just got the seymour duncan blackouts fitted to my ibanez
How often am Isupposed to change the battery?
I know I have to when the sound gets ****ty
But was just wondering if anyone had like a set time that they change them
Every month or so maybe?
I guess if you pull off your jacks when youre not playing it should last for months, i can be wrong tho. but its just a battery change it once a month not a big deal is it?
Ive heard its only a couple times a year if you maintain it well (keep it unplugged) and if you dont play it constantly.

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i think it's somewhere around 700.
uh usually there's a plate that you can just take off at the back and the battery is sitting there.

well with Jacksons anyway
All the guitars I've had with actives in, I never changed the batteries once

They last a long time as long as you don't leave them plugged in.
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It should last a year, or a bit less if you play A LOT.

Just don't leave the guitar plugged in.
id probably change it out everytime i change strings, just to be careful you know
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