I own a Crate GT212, which as the name says has two 12'' speakers. It's not that bad of an amp, but it doesn't suit my band's sound too well, so i was thinkin about something like an Orange Tiny Terror or another head.
My question is: can I use my Crate combo as a cab?
Anything is possible if you modify it. In most cases you dont have too though if the speakers plug in with a 1/4 connector.

But dont expect it to sound great.. But yes it would work as long as the ohm's match.
Yeah it would work, unless your speakers are wired directly into the amp section of the combo, then you would need to mod it, a soldering or two here and there to have input jacks for the speakers, config. it the way you want your cab to be (impedence, closed or open etc.).
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It could work if your ohms match, but it probably won't sound great like the guy above said. I suggest you take the two 12"s out of the crate combo, and build a new box for them. Since you already have the speakers your cost will be minimum.
If you can modify it to work and the ohms are correct sure why not!
Beware that the tone will suffer a fair bit. Would be better to buy a whole new cab but modding will do!

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