my computer crashed, and i lost ALOT of music. is there any way to recover this music and save it? any suggestions will be fine, thnks.
call EMI and Sony and ask them if they can back up your limewire files you lost.
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call EMI and Sony and ask them if they can back up your limewire files you lost.


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You can get programs which recover deleted files, but I am not sure of the details. Look it up.
my computer teacher said if your hard drive fails you can stick it in the freezer for a while and then hook it up to another computer and copy your data off...
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It's called CDs. Buy them .
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from the same guys as ccleaner.

it could take a while and you might not get everything back tho.

good luck
Take the harddrive to an electronics shop.
Most of them can send it to places where they can restore the data. But if you've got anything illegal on it, you better off just finding it all again :p
go online and start redownloading from scratch
start off with supertramp
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if you had the music on your ipod

download a program called sharepod, it's just an executable file, which you drag over to the ipod disk and from running it off there you can transfer all the music back over

This is a good idea here. You should try it.
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