I don't really know if that clip is a good representation of how they sound. It definitely sounds a little over processed.
Yeah, not a great representation of the pickup for sure but they are awesome. After all, its through a line 6 so processed is the key word

They got a lot of clarity and gritty punch, there not too over the top output wise and clean up really well. They dont sound muddy at all no matter how much gain you pile on either.
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Where are you getting them for $170??? Cause I'll buy a set right now...
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Where are you getting them for $170??? Cause I'll buy a set right now...

Yeah, its more like $170 each
That should be 170 Pounds sterling, which is closer to $250 or so.

If you're in the USA, you might want to look at Jim Wagner's WCR pickups. They will run you about the same but they're MIA so you don't have to ship them from the UK.
You can get BKP's through US dealers, if you have a few connections (such as SS.org) you can get them for much less.
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