I was in the shop looking for 'Fly on the Wall'. They didn't have it, so I bought Powerage instead. It's a brilliant album! I love Rock N Roll Damnation and Riff Raff. I only need 5 more AC/DC albums now: 74' Jailbreak, T.N.T., Flick of the Switch, Fly on the Wall and AC/DC Live
get the acdc live collectors edition (the 2 disc one) it has other live songs not from the '91 Donnington performance. its great. rock on.
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Powerage is an excellent album.
Fly on The Wall is fairly boring.

No, no AC/DC album is boring!!!!!

The reason I wanted Fly On the Wall was because of the song, Fly on the Wall. It's a cool song. Danger and Shake your Foundations are good songs as well.
I've got all of 'em up to and including Razor's Edge. And then I stopped collecting.

Powerage is, IMHO, on the low end of their albums for me. I really liked Fly on the Wall. Blow Up Your Video was fantastic. It helps that I saw them live on that tour... we camped out for tickets and got front row on the floor. 8)

Perhaps a life-changing moment for me was when I was about 11 and in the record store. It was a toss up between Bob and Doug MacKenzie's "Strange Brew" and AC/DC's brand new release... For Those About to Rock. I chose the latter, and my life hasn't been the same since. 8)

Flick of the Switch was really underrated. High Voltage was wicked.

... and of course, the eternal classics.

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