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Choice 1
83 71%
Choice 2
34 29%
Voters: 117.
Ok so if you are in here then it is probably because you are interested in or at least know about the new UG Electro Album that is being made and you will be happy to know that I am now choosing the Album Cover. So based on the two choices, which would be better for the album?

Choice 1


Choice 2

But I like Choice 1 the best. It's not as... dark, as Choice 2.
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They're supposed to be funny

I voted 1 because... Wow.

I'm running this album and it'll be a little different. Hopefully just as popular though.
The shape/colour of the typeface/logo on number two isn't clear at all.
Number one is far more eye-catching and nicely laid out.
I like number 2. Obviously number 1 is more retro, and number 2 is more futuristic. And for the guy who said it is supposed to be funny. Since when is electro music funny? Yeah we are a funny site and all, but maybe TS is a more professional type of person, and would like to have a professional album
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Well it seems to be that number one is just superior according to all of these art majors' opinions so I'll leave this thread open but something tells me its choice 1 ftw.
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1 for the album cover. 2 for... THE BACK!?

Now there's an idea, if you have a use for the back. I'd make the color schemes mesh up a little better though.


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