I've been attempting to tab this song but it has so many weird changes. I know it starts out in 4/4 but I'm lost when the chorus comes in.

Sick Puppies - Pitiful

Any thoughts?
4/4 in the 1st verse.

Chorus is 4/4 too. It just changes feels in a part or two. Keep the quarter note constant and you can get that syncopation. Keep listening and keep the beat constant in the verses transitioning to the chorus.

The bridge is a little different. It goes to half time. Then cuts out. Then the bass starts a new time in 3/4. In order to get the change, count triplets to each quarter note. That should work.

Then it goes back to the 4/4.
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I'd say acoustic_guy7 has pretty much got it covered. But, as far as the chorus, I tried keeping the beat going but it does change in some parts, not much though. Yes, it's still in 4/4 but, it kind of breaks the rules and you just have know the song to get it. Just keep listening to it and drum along with your hands (that helps me sometimes when I'm trying to remember a certain beat). Also, if you're tabbing it, you don't really need a time signature
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