Instead of buying a new guitar I was thinking of just replacing my Squire Affinity Stratocaster's pickups. I was thinking of replacing the 3 single pickups with just one humbucker. Good idea? Yes or no. If yes what kind of humbucker do you think is the best. I was looking at EMG. What model? Please let me if you have any suggestions.
Sounds good in theory, but do you want to go through the work to mod it? I would go with these .
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Wait. wait wait wait wait. Unless your epicly good at guitar new pickups will do absolutely nothing if you don't already have a good amp. Buy an amp first, also don't mix active pickups with modeling amps.
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Would I have to mod it? Or would i just put in the single humbucker and get a pickguard for one humbucker and leave the other holes unfilled. Or would I have to fill up those holes. If so how?
You prob, could, but if you really want some good humbuckers, witout the price, the squire hotrail strat, or get a fat strat and add in your choice of pup
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So you want a Strat with just one humbucker in the bridge position and thats it? No other pickups? Thats easy then, just buy a pickguard thats cut out for only 1 humbucker and you're set. The wiring would be simple as it'll go humbucker > volume pot > output jack. There are many places to get a pickguard, Warmoth being one where they'll cut one for you in the configuration you want for like $25
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^ Yea that's what I was thinking. Shouldn't be that difficult.

The Squier Affinity Strats are routed H-S-H so no extra routing needed either. Piece of cake
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I think I'm going with the EMG Single Humbucker 81. Any thoughts on this humbucker? Is it suitable to play Alternative/Rock?
EMG is overrated. Look at seymour duncan.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Well what style music do you play? Actually, since you mentioned putting in EMGs I'm guessing you're into metal. Putting in EMGs would mean slapping a battery pack on the back of your guitar. Maybe you can put in Seymour Duncan JB bridge, then just trash the pickguard. the empty holes will give your guitar that Van Halen look. And the Seymour Duncan JB has a nice beefy-metal tone, and is pretty versatile. Personally, I'd love to do something like that to my old Squier strat.
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I think I'm going with the EMG Single Humbucker 81. Any thoughts on this humbucker? Is it suitable to play Alternative/Rock?

The 81 is more or less balls to the wall rock. Thats what its suited for best, the 85 is a little more rounded. Again depends what you're after in a pickup. I suggest going for the 18v mod (2 batteries instead of 1) if you're gonna buy EMG's, its a simple procedure and personally I don't like EMG's without it. If you're gonna have a 1 humbucker guitar and especially if its your only guitar I'd be looking for a well rounded pickup, something that'll do overdrive/distortion well but also clean up nicely when you roll back the volume. The JB is always a good option, as is DiMarzio Evo for example. Just check out whats out there and use youtube as sound samples and try and find what you like most. Duncan has really good tone sample clips on their site also for each pickup.
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You could use a stacked humbucker which should (I think?) fit in single coil slot with no modification. This way you could keep the other two pickups as well.
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