Dad came into my room unannounced and announced the bad news.
I stopped everything I was doing and rushed to the basement;
there I saw her corpse, stiff;
two arm stretched out in front of her body;
a mouth, lifelessly open.
Every time I glanced back at her I swear I saw her still gently breathing.

Last night was the first time I've actually cried due to death.
Mum asked for supplies to clean the area
and I was stupid enough to be embarrassed and wipe those tears,
but they came back in an instant,
(and they're coming back right now).

Last night was the first time I actually realized death is forever.
A subtle dagger cut my eyes and drained out the sorrow.
I'm upset that I was angry with her that day.
I should have taken her around the town one last time.
(A regretful sigh for my love, Nicole Christine.)

Eleven years is not a lifetime, but it feels like an eternity to me.
She'll haunt me for eleven more, but I'll enjoy every single moment.

When I woke up, she was still dead, still gone.
'Angels' came and picked her up while I was asleep.
Though people don't go to Heaven,
they go back to the Mother to be decomposed and recycled.
And the Father comes to tell us that we are done mourning:
it is time need to move on.

I hate that you're gone, but I love that you aren't suffering anymore;
dying is better than dying.
Lord Gold feeds from your orifices and he wants to see you sweat.
Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
Now say his name.....