Alright, im pooped. ive been trying to play this part of Iron Man solo


Its really easy to play, but i just cant get it lined up with the rythym that Tony used. ANyone got any suggestions on how to get past it. I Can indeed play this, just not in the proper rythym, sounding like crap.
a lot of hammer on's, just practice that slowly, and work up the speed bit by bit. the 7h9p7 should be easy to get, and the 11th is the slide, so yea just work on it. good luck, take it slowly.
Yeah I know that feeling. Just play slow and get the rhythm of it down and then start speeding it up. If you can't get at normal speed just slow down until you find a pace you can play it perfectly in the right rhythm. Then just practice until you can speed up, eventually to normal speed.
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If you can play it, but not with the right phrasing/timing...just use guitar pro for what its meant for...play along with it.

Press F9 for a speed trainer, slow the piece down to a speed you can play easily, and have it increase after each loop of the solo.

this is the best way to stay in time, while also slowly increasing your tempo until you can nail anything 100% at full tempo.
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