Hello everyone,
I was looking to boost my leads for my band live, I currently use a boss blues driver that I leave on pretty much the whole show, I use a solid state amp for the winter being it's so cold here and I hate to take my orignal blackface out in the harsh cold.
When I go to do a lead there is not enough volume, I would like a little more gain for sustain, but nothing over the top. I was looking at a pedal made by Seymore Duncan called the pickup booster, anybody used one of these? What do you use? What would you suggest? Mostly looking to boost volume not so much gain, but would love more sustain.

Thanks so much everyone!
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I like to use a Rangemaster (treble booster) clone I built. They're really simple as far as pedal builds go too.
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I would love to be able to boost what the blues driver is doing, just higher volume, thanks so much for the responces!
I use a MXR distortion and settings are:
output 10
tone 10
distortion 0
this causes a volume boost
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Thats really cool and thanks for the help, so i'm guessing on a solid state amp with no tubes to throw the boost at it's simply a volume boost? That would be great as I just want to boost my volume of my blues driver
go with a boss equalizer great if u need a boost and awesome for that metallica/slayer rhythm sound if ur looking for that too a great thing to have for a metal head is what im trying to say but itll basically do what u want it to
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Yeah, an EQ is perfect for what you want. They are probably the most tonally useful of all pedals.
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EQ pedal with level dial sounds like it could work, but since you want a tad of sustain and character added, i'd say it couldn't hurt to check out what i use myself, the Fulltone Fulldrive II. VERY transparent OD, with three settings. one is transparent OD, second is like traditional TS without midhump, and last is traditional TS. also has a boost level knob and button, so you can boost your volume quite a bit on the transparent mode, and it won't add too much character either. i think you'd love it. but you must go and research and try before you buy of course.
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I use a Blackstar OD.
It works brilliantly with my strat and AC15/ Blues junior combo.
It'll complement your blackface greatly as well as livening up that solid state tone.
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Yeah, EQ pedals are one of the best possible solutions....u might wana increase ur mids slightly for ur leads...it'll help cut throught the rest of the band...
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+1 on the EQ pedal, like stated before will give you a clean boost and shape your tone at the same time. Something like a tubescreamer is a good idea also especially if you got a tube amp. Lots of options out there.
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MXR Boost/Line Driver. It's a great pedal. A Boss EQ would work too, but to keep your tone intact (with a bit more natural breakup when you use your tube amp) go with the MXR.
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