ok heres whats up.
my dell computer :
pentium 4
60 g hard drive
256 m ram.

had windows xp home edition service pack 1. REALLLY out of date right.
so we were gonna clean the hard drive completely and then reinstall
with windowx xp professional.

now for some reason the cleaning cd wouldnt start with my computer so we switched the harddrive to another computer ( similar, pentium 4 only difference was it had more ram.)
we wiped the drive (took about 1 hour and a half)
then install windows xp
everything went nice and dandy.

then when we switched the hard drive back to my computer.
(im not sure but i think we were gonna install it again but this time on my computer
i dont know my friend was being vague and were doing somethin else)
anyways it wouldnt start up right.
id push f1 (ithink) ofr it to continue then it would turn blue and say something about a virus.

Now dont flame me for any stupid **** we probably did.
i dont know too much about that stuff and my friend said he had done it before.

now is there something wrong with the processor, amount of ram or some other ****.

i dont think its the hardrive becuase it worked on the other comnputer and we even tryed another hardrive that he had just done the same thing to and it did the same thing.

thanks if you read throught the whole thing.

im open to questions Not flaming.


(oh and his way more experienced brother is gonna fix it so im not worried about the computer. im just wondering what we did wrong/stupid.)
maybe a virus wich doesn't let the driver read the cd ?
It's like the opposite of Daemon Tools, Isomagic, Magiciso. Programs wich let the driver think it's reading a cd whilst it's only a file.

So the virus could be a opposite version of one of these programs and doesn't let them read.

But that's my suggestion other then that i don't know, Maybe you're computer is too f*cked up to read a cd ?

Have you tryed different cd's ?

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