Hi ....

I was wondering if pro tools software (LE version) is compatible with any
audio interface...

To elaborate .....if i wanted to use my PC for recording ...I would have to get
something like the Mbox2 to convert the analog signals of instruments into
digital ones right ?

Since the mbox2 seems to be a lil too expensive for my budget I was thinking of
getting a cheaper interface that does the same job. But I'd still like to use
pro tools LE as the software to record and mix the music ....so I guess what
I am asking is if Pro tools LE will work with other interfaces (like this one http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/72179) also
You are correct when you assume the mbox can be used...however; only digidesign interfaces will work with protools LE. The mbox2 can only be used for M-powered pro tools. You cannot used other interfaces with pro tools. Have you considered any other audio software? Pro Tools is standard in big studios, but they have Pro Tools HD. HD is a completely different beast and will be $10,000 at least to start. There are other softwares out there like Logic and Digital Performer that are 10X better for the money than Pro Tools and allow you to use different interfaces. Hope this helps.

PS--This post really doesn't belong here in the guitar forum.