Need to make a decision, C1+ or Hellraiser. I play metal so the Hellraiser seems the choice due to the EMG's. Are the pickups the only difference between these guitars (EMG's vs SD's)? And if so, what would EMG's give me that SD's would not, or vice versa?
SD's are more versatile
EMG's are only good with a darkly voiced high gain tube amp.
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The C1+ has better pups, IMO. Despite some cosmetic differences, they are pretty much the same guitars
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I'm looking to get a B52 AT-112, so would EMG's be the way to go?
they will both sound good with that amp

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IMO, the C-1 Classic is better than both of them, but between those I'd choose the Hellraiser because the C-1 Plus doesn't have real Duncans.
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if scale is an issue for you be aware that the c1+ has a 24.75 and the hellraiser has a 25.5

its really up to you if you have the ability to play both go with which one feels best to you.
both are very capable in the metal genre.

personally i'd go Hellraiser, but that's just me.