One of my friends was last night telling me that les paul shapes dont suit me because my "style" is quiet but overstated(I really want a les paul shaped guitar), and that that suit him because his "style" is quiet and understated. He said that because of my "style" double cutaway guitars suit me, such as a strat or a SG I happen to not really like either of these guitars.

I kind of think the only reason he thinks les pauls dont suit me is because I have a strat shaped guitar and thats all hes ever known me with, so he's used to seeing me with one.

I'm not too sure if I agree with him or not.

Do you guys think that your "style" dictates what guitar shapes look good on you?
and what guitar shape do you have/ think suits you?
Guitar isn't about looking cool, it's about the music.
Get the guitar YOU want.

its what feels comfortable to you. not about how you look doing it! i mean would anybody go to a KISS concert just to see some hairy guys in crazy outfits??? NO!!! but their music is pretty good so people go anyway.
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^ You're nuts kiss is all about the crazy outfits. Their music comes second, which should be obvious
Well, I generally associated les pauls with Jimmy Page and there was nothing "quiet" or "understated" about his style.

That being said, les pauls are probably the most versatile guitars stylewise. Everyone from blues players to country players to metal players use them.
Sounds like you friend is bull****tin' you because he wants to be the only one between you two with a Les Paul. You pick the guitar based on feel and tone, not based on it's body shape.

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Buying a guitar based on "style" as your friend put it is outright dumb. You buy the guitar that you like best.
While your friend is a moron, I think there is something to the idea, personality shows through a lot w/ the guitar you play.
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