I recently purchased a used XXL Head w/ footswitch and the seller not very much help

along with the head I have a Peavey Windsor 412 cab (16 ohm)(?)

so I switch the selction to 16 ohms
and the wattage selector switch to 25 watts set the volumes , then switch to 50 watt and 100 watt and assum I should be able to tell the difference in loudness / volume.......... I don't. so I assume the switch is flakey or the circuit responsible is flakey or my cab is flakey or the speaker cable is flakey ....... I will try it with a different head tomorrow to rule out the cab and cable then I'll be back to the XXL with an issue........ any help or suggestions would be great thanks.

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Try turning it up the loudest, and see if there's a difference -nods-
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tried that......... and then did it again

test one was by myself and volume around mid point

test 2 was camparing volume vs head and then max volume vs switch settings

with a helper and earplugs properly inserted

we tested full volume on clean channel of 100 Fender FM 100 head into windsor 412 cab, guitar volume @ 10

then changed to Peavey XXL also on clean and also full volume both master and clean channel, Peavey seemed more clear and louder, (no measuring equipment was used , just the opinions of the 2 of us)

then as a control we used a 125 watt Fender Princeton Chorus 2x10 @ full volume
either head through the 412 cab seemed louder and clearer , the princeton seemed to break up a little @9-10 but very full and clear 8 and below

test 3 was the 25w, 50w, 100w selection switch on the XXL again @ full volume a slight but noticable differnce is heard between 25w and 100w with 50w being obviously in the middle

so it would seem my wattage selector switch is in fact working

and also going back to my younger audiophile days twice the loudness requires 10 times the power.

I'll keep it on 25w as it's used in basement room about 14 x 20 with 7.5" ceiling height, also the XXL is a very substantial piece of equipment with smooth moving pots and very weighty chrome plated brass knobs. for my app it's perfect, for a gig under 50 people it may be fine more than that I would think you'd need a lot more power ( or tube amp which comparitively requires about 1/2 the wattage for the same loudness as a solid state amp)
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Keep in mind that the volume difference between 50 and 100 watts is only 3 decibels. It takes 10 decibels for the human ear to register a difference in volume.

That being said, without a decibel meter you will not be able to tell a difference in volume. And essentially all you get by cutting the wattage is less headroom. Meaning you will have power tube distortion sooner when turning up the volume.
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the watt switch makes very little difference, i honestly think the damping switch makes a larger volume change
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another question, the volume seems to fade in and out or get louder and then quiter and I haven't been able to tell if it is when I play more it gets louder or play less
but it seems like and automatic gain of some sort and I'm just wondering if it is normal or not

and as explained by boxcar above the differnce in wattage from 25 to 100 is noaticable
but from 25 to 50 or 50 to 100 makes little diff and the dampeing switch seems to make more of diff as pointed out by Hunter
I just want to be sure this thing is cool as is or if something needs to be fixed on it


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