hey guys!,

whats your opinion on the schecter stiletto studio 5? im a begenning bass player thats looking to upgrade, do you think this is the right choice? i want to play everything from jazz to death metal will this bass go that distance?
I've heard that pretty much anything from the custom 5 and up are great choices, especially when on a budget.
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It's my fav. bass that I've ever played. It can produce many different tones, sounds sweet, and plays amazing. The neck is a little chunky but I like that. It came from the factory set up perfectly.

My only complaint is that its kind of heavy because its quite a thick bass.
In my humble opinion, it's the greatest bass in its price range and it even outshines others much more expensive. I was never satisfied with Warwicks, not enough meaty low end for me. I picked this up, and was blown away. I may like it even more than the Stingray I played.
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I've never played the Studio 5, but I own an Extreme 4, similar model. It blew my mind the first time I played it, I can't imagine the bass you're looking at being anything but excellent.
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a great bass, especially if you want a modern bass with a solid low end. the spacing is considerably thinner than many fivers, but if you can handle that, go for it.

I've played my Elite 5 (very similar bass) with blues, jazz, alternative, gospel, rock, grunge, funk, and some older metal, and have found it versatile enough for all those genres. I will note that the majority of it's charm is in the lows, the treble on it has never been bad, but it just doesn't stand out.
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