Me and my friends are starting an airsoft team.
Everyone has a gun except me. My friends already have theirs, they are using walmart and academy brands, which of course arent good for ****.

I want a good airsoft gun that is consistently accurate and consistent fps on EVERY SHOT.

What would be a good price range for field and tournament quality?

Would $200 or $300 work?
for $200 dollars you could get one of the best airsoft guns money could buy. i would say get one of the $80-100 ones. they have all metal gears and will last for years.
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God, if only they made some sort of website where users review products, and you can read those reviews before you buy. But, as far as I know, no such thing exists.
Try this site:


Reviews and all sorts of good products.

And check out the UTG Mp5. I know people who have and like them.
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200-300 is good

go to pointact.com

get an ics brand one

or if you want a sniper by the jg bar-10 for about 100 or the more expensive well l96

pointact is superior to other website since they are a wholesale retailer and will always be cheaper than other sites. however look up reviews on other non biased sites, such as forums (airsoftforum.com)