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I'd check out the ultimate guide to guitar by ZeG, so you can work your way up to understanding HOW to solo.
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I'd check out the ultimate guide to guitar by ZeG, so you can work your way up to understanding HOW to solo.

Well here's my guide to improvising/solo-ing:

First off, improve your phrasing.

Try to phrase yourself like a singer. Think of it as if you're singing with your guitar. Listen to some singing melodies and try to copy it on your guitar.

Next learn 2 or 3 shapes from a pentatonic scale. Try to become good at moving between each shape and try to be able to play 4 or 5 notes on the same string. This will help your phrasing majorly.

When you get good, play over some backing tracks. You should be able to hear the chord progression and hear which notes are stressed (first beat of every bar). On these stressed notes, try to play chord tones of the chord playing.

Also, learn your theory.

You shouldnt be afraid to use other guys licks (like when uncreativity hits), but you shouldn't ever overuse licks. It's unoriginal, cheap and improvisation sounds so much better.
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Well, assuming your an absolute beginner with this. Soloing is quite hard at first... I would also reccomend Zeg,s articles and this site www.myguitarsolo.com
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Soloing someone please explain it to me or give me a good website to go on.

It's not something that can just be explained to you - it's just something you're going to have to learn. It's not like you can read a couple of articles and then "bingo, I can solo" - it's going to take a lot of listening to music, a lot of studying music, a lot of learning songs, a lot of practice and a lot of time.

Just start at the beginning...learn an easy solo and take it from there.
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