So, how many of you have ever stumbled across a song you love turned up a couple of octaves?
And how many times have you thought, "Shit...that sounds good!
Post any edited versions of songs you think either sound just as good or better than the originals.
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I HATE THE CHIPMUNKS! If they ever ruin another Blink-182 song I'll make a stew out of them.
My friend and I constantly mess around with them on Garageband.

It provides some good lulz.

Love the Low end
it reminds me too much of Fred

...whom i hate
#57 in UG Top 100 2010!

I really ought to get my username changed...
i like battle against time by wintersun sped up, it's awsome
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Whenever my turntable is on 45rpm when it should be 33, I change it back right away before the vocals kick in. If I don't, bad things happen.