I'll just get down to business here. My current rig is a Gibson SG special faded, fender frontman 65w and a boss me-20, I'm planning on a new amp after I buy a new guitar so please don't suggest that, I play mostly classic rock, some new rock, a little metal, and I play in my schools jazz band, my Sg does all of these quite well but it's not quite the guitar I'm looking for as I bought it without any prior knowledge of it, the action is to hgh, the neck is nice but a little thinner would help, and I'm beggining to get a little bit of fret buzz, and I have no further complaints. I'm not looking to spend more than $800 and I'm not sure of my full budget yet (most likely $800-$1,000 if streched)
I've played a fender Jaguar HH which I liked but wasn't quite sold on, but might default to if nothing else is found
the other guitars I've looked at, but not necessarily played are a schecter c1 classic, a schecter synyster standard (knock it all you want I think it's a cool guitar) a Gibson les paul faded special, an Epiphone Prophecy GX, and a gibson explorer, all of which I've liked but haven't played, so any opinions on the guitars listed?
other guitars in my estimated price range?
Oh don't like strats or les pauls (yes I know I listed one) and don't want any active pups