lol I got this private message from 6atekeeper.
I think its funny.

"Dude your a ****ing five year old and your attempting to talk smack about nejihyuga...you cant even spell Kurt Cobain's name ****tard. If you reply to this message in a way to attempt to talk smack i'll drive to your house and kick the door in and you just use your imagination for the rest. if anyone is a poser its you. look in the mirror moron your a depressed emo child who needs to drop his balls. before you reply though just remember one thing. i have the ability to send various programs to anyone who messages me because of a little bot i installed on my pc. it allows me to track where ever the computer whether portable or not and i can get your physical adress in three minutes using it. merry christmas ****tard of the century."

I don't even know who nejihyuga is lol.