Breathe Through My Lungs

If I could feel
This would hurt
But my body is numb
And I've paid more death than you know

My bones are being crushed
Under all this weight
Leave me struggling under all this
I’m dying but ****
**** it, I’m nothing

These roots entangle and intertwine
The leaves began to fall
These waves crash hard
Erosion takes its course

I’m dehydrated from lugging this burden
Lap all the god damn water up, bitch
And when I’m about to break
I get a taste, It flows through my veins
I need more

My lungs are closing
My life support is sharing air to another

Therefore I am not
I am yours, and I am nothing

I’m already dead


This foundation is crumbling
What took years to build
Took seconds to destroy
Everything I have instilled is lost

What can fix this mess
Everything before me has been destroyed
****, in the long haul
Have I lost it all

All I have left to my name
are these, decimated remains
****, in the long haul
Have I lost, lost it all

It lays in ruins

This monumental significance of hope
Has perished under the agonizing pressure
I might as well tie this rope to my neck
I'm done there is no salvation for me

Yet you say

you departed merely because of the smoke
I have not forgotten you
O' Baby, Take my hand
And we can make it, make it through

Together unified
We shall rebuild
What was lost to me has been lost to you
But it's to late

You'll find me, swinging from a tree

* These lyrics are both about a ****ty relationship I was in. They helped me vent, in no way am I thinking or have ever tried committing suicide. Tell me what you think thanks.
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I like them. I think the second is the stronger of the two, but the first is still good. Whenever I read lyrics on here I wish I could hear music with them. What kind of music were you thinking about putting with them?
I did work on the bottom one for about twenty minutes, and I just wrote the first one off the top of my head in about five with no revisions. I think I'm going to remove the first stanza from the first song, I just don't like it. (It will probably be removed by the time anyone reads this).
I prefer the genres

But I don't think I would apply these to a Pop-punk song. I'm not sure, because I like a variety of music, screaming, singing, or both.